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Size: 6-15 ft tall by 5-10 ft wide. Thrinax radiata, the Florida thatch palm, is a medium to slow growing palm in the family Arecaceae. It is native to many Caribbean islands, Central America, and  Common Name: Florida Thatch Palm (other common names: Thrinax Species, Broad Thatch Palm, Sea Thatch Palm, Silk-Top Thatch Palm) · Scientific Name:  Common Name: Thatch Palm. Scientific Name: Thrinax Radiata. Drought Tolerance: High.

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213: fig. 2 of tlie same lvork, holvever, unques- tionably illustrates a Thrinax-like palm leaf. The lack of teeth on the petiole, the nonacuminate. Thrinax sp. Family: Arecaceae / Palmae Thatch Palm Origin: Caribbean Small tree 10-20 ft Semi-shade Regular water Palm or palm-like Seaside, salt tolerant  Thrinax radiata. IN PALM BEACH COUNTY. Submitted by Charlie Beck.

palm DATA.

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Origin: Southernmost Florida. Zone: 10B-11. Typical Height: 20ft OA. One of several palms native to our region, Thrinax radiata grows naturally at the very southern tip of Florida and the Keys.

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Hovedroden er kort og tæt forgrenet. Familien hed tidligere Palmaceae. Thrinax radiata. Common name. Thatch palm. Fruit colour; life form.

Thrinax palm

More than 200 different species Thrinax barbadensis Lodd.
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Thrinax palm

Princeton University Press | 1995.

2018-09-10 · Thrinax radiata is a solitary-stemmed, evergreen palm, growing 1.5 - 12 metres tall. The unbranched stem can be 6 - 13 cm in diameter; it is topped by a crown of fan-shaped leaves.
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Drought Tolerance: High. Origin: Southernmost Florida. Zone: 10B-11.

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Muscarella, R., Bacon, C. D.,  C.F.P.

Thrinax morrisii (Fig. 1), appears to be independent of other Thrinax species. We. therefore describe the genus  Thrinax Palm & Cycad Nursery. 136 likes. Welcome to my Nursery!