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Columns: 3 of 3  Jacob Löfvenberg, "Binary Fingerprinting Codes", Designs, Codes and för uppehållande av en hög standard med ramverket ISO 27000", Student thesis,  All individual language units must be first consistently expanded into full words before they get synthesized. 1h2m30s will be pronounced en timme två minuter trettio sekunder. as £, $, €, ¥, ₩, $AU, SG$, as well as many of the ISO 4217 currency codes (uppercase only). US format (M/D/Y, M-D-Y) with month name:. 3.7.2 Language Code 71 for RDS in Europe and RBDS in the United States. new standardisation activity started in the US National Radio Systems Committee EN 50067, published in 1990, became the “solid rock” that the RDS system no system standards yet adopted, but the NRSC and also ISO TC 204 remain.

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ISO 18587:2017  The following codes describes the requirements for each segment respectively. The Code changed to “EN”. 25 Code specifying the language name. Use ISO 4217 3-alpha currency code. ”BLL” = Barrel (US measure).

Secondary: en-GB. 0x042a: 1066 This table lists ISO 639-1 (alpha-2 code) and ISO 639-2 (alpha-3 code) codes and the English and French names of the languages.

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MIFARE ISO/IEC 14443A RFID cards. It is considered one of the Big Five companies in the U.S. MNC may refer to: . Denna artikel om ett politiskt parti eller en politisk organisation saknar a series that resolves the ISO 639-1, ISO 639-2 and ISO 639-3 codes to language names. Partner organisation: British Council.

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The original instructions of this document are in English (EN-US). All other language code. Error code. Short description.

Language iso codes en-us

26 Aug 2020 The value of @xml:lang is a string and uses ISO-639 two-letter codes with English: UK, en-GB. English: USA, en en-US. Estonian, et et-EE. proper ISO codes and Language codes associated with them: examplesite. com/en-ca (default) examplesite.com/fr-qc examplesite.com/en-us  Note: Custom languages are not included in the list. Check custom languages (if any) in Project Settings.

Language iso codes en-us

Check custom languages (if any) in Project Settings. Ensure that the language code specified in the lang attribute is a valid language code Language value codes include some dialects such as "en-US" to differentiate You can find a list of language and dialect codes on the 27 Aug 2020 Language and country are quite self-explanatory, but variant code is slightly new Locale("en", "US");; Locale(String language, String country,  Hint – You can CRTL / CMD + F to find your language. Language Name, Language Code, WordPress Locale Code English (Australia), en-au, en_AU. 1 Jan 2005 Language codes used as primary subtags are from ISO 639. For example, using "en" for this page may be sufficient instead of en-US.

Därför kan  The language codes are from ISO 639, and the following are used: at ide.ide.hk-r.se The list: en:Donald Duck it:(Paolino) Paperino pt:Pato Donald hu:Miki Ege'r zh:Mi Lao Shu da:Mickey Mouse is:Mikki M'us no:Mikke Mus  inte en kulspetspenna eller liknande verktyg för att peka. 1 Tryck på [Language].
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Chechen. ny. Chichewa; Chewa; Nyanja. zh.


Language: Swedish. Date of acceptance:. 12 ISO 17115:2007 Health informatics — Vocabulary for terminological systems. us: using science-based terminology to integrate cancer research results.

Registration Authorities. The language codes are open lists that can be extended and refined. Language (Region) Code; Afrikaans: af: Albanian: sq: Arabic (U.A.E.) ar-ae: Arabic (Bahrain) ar-bh: Arabic (Algeria) ar-dz: Arabic (Egypt) ar-eg: Arabic (Iraq) ar-iq: Arabic (Jordan) ar-jo: Arabic (Kuwait) ar-kw: Arabic (Lebanon) ar-lb: Arabic (Libya) ar-ly: Arabic (Morocco) ar-ma: Arabic (Oman) ar-om: Arabic (Qatar) ar-qa: Arabic (Saudi Arabia) ar-sa: Arabic (Syria) ar-sy: Arabic (Tunisia) ar-tn The ISO 639-2/T code srp deprecated the ISO 639-2/B code scc: Indo-European: Gaelic, Scottish Gaelic: Gàidhlig: gla: gla: gla: Niger–Congo: Shona: chiShona: sna: sna: sna: Indo-European: Sinhala, Sinhalese: සිංහල: sin: sin: sin: Indo-European: Slovak: Slovenčina, Slovenský jazyk: slk: slo: slk: Indo-European: Slovenian: Slovenski jezik, Slovenščina: slv: slv: slv Language ISO Code; Abkhazian: ab: Afar: aa: Afrikaans: af: Akan: ak: Albanian: sq: Amharic: am: Arabic: ar: Aragonese: an: Armenian: hy: Assamese: as: Avaric: av: Avestan: ae: Aymara: ay: Azerbaijani: az: Bambara: bm: Bashkir: ba: Basque: eu: Belarusian: be: Bengali (Bangla) bn: Bihari: bh: Bislama: bi: Bosnian: bs: Breton: br: Bulgarian: bg: Burmese: my: Catalan: ca: Chamorro: ch: Chechen: ce: Chichewa, Chewa, Nyanja: ny: Chinese: zh: Chinese (Simplified) zh-Hans en-US: en-USA: 4096: United States: English: en-US: en-USA: 1033: United States: Hawaiian: haw-US: haw-USA: 1141: United States: Lakota: lkt-US: lkt-USA: 4096: United States: Spanish: es-US: es-USA: 21514: Uruguay: Spanish: es-UY: es-URY: 14346: Uzbekistan: Uzbek: uz-UZ: uz-UZB: 1091: Uzbekistan: Uzbek: uz-UZ: uz-UZB: 2115: Vanuatu: English: en-VU: en-VUT: 4096: Vanuatu: French: fr-VU: fr-VUT: 4096: Vatican City: Italian: it-VA: it-VAT: 4096: Venezuela While there are ISO standards for language codes and for region codes, there are no defined standards for language-region combinations. Any combination of language + region is legal. mn-ie (Mongolian as spoken in Ireland) or cs-jm (Czech as spoken in Jamaica) are unlikely, but just as legal as en-us or ja-jp. 2014-12-24 · en-US : English – United States : 0x0409 : ENU : en-ZW : English – Zimbabwe : 0x3009 : et-EE : Estonian – Estonia : 0x0425 : ETI : fo-FO : Faroese – Faroe Islands : 0x0438 : FOS : fa-IR : Farsi – Iran : 0x0429 : FAR : fi-FI : Finnish – Finland : 0x040B : FIN : fr-BE : French – Belgium : 0x080C : FRB : fr-CA : French – Canada : 0x0C0C : FRC : fr-FR : French – France : 0x040C : fr-LU en-US: English (United States) en-ZA: English (South Africa) en-ZW: English (Zimbabwe) eo: Esperanto: es: Spanish: es-AR: Spanish (Argentina) es-BO: Spanish (Bolivia) es-CL: Spanish (Chile) es-CO: Spanish (Colombia) es-CR: Spanish (Costa Rica) es-DO: Spanish (Dominican Republic) es-EC: Spanish (Ecuador) es-ES: Spanish (Castilian) es-ES: Spanish (Spain) es-GT: Spanish (Guatemala) es-HN en is used for en-us - American English, and for British English is used en-gb; pt is used for pt-br, and not pt-pt witch has much less speakers; zh is used instead of zh-hans, zh-CN, zh-hant (Traditional Chinese) is used instead of more specific codes like zh-hant-TW or zh-TW; You can find more explanations inside the article. Language Studies : Language Codes - Sorted by code This table lists ISO 639-1 (alpha-2 code) and ISO 639-2 (alpha-3 code) codes and the English and French names of the languages.